Signs Your Car Needs A Window Tint Replacement

Ready For A Refresh

Wondering if it’s time for a window tint replacement? If your tint shows signs of wear and tear, our experts know how to help. There are several factors to look for when considering a window tint replacement, and we’re about to dive into each. Stay tuned and contact Sound FX to get the refreshed tint of your dreams today!

What To Look Out For

Peeling: Inadequate adhesive is typically the cause of this happening. If you notice any peeling around the edges, it’s definitely time for a window tint replacement. Our team uses high-quality adhesive and takes extra measures to ensure this does not happen, although peeling can also occur as the tint ages.

Scratches & Holes: Our vehicles take us from point A to point B, which means they are constantly exposed to debris and other external wear and tear. Puncture holes or scratches can usually happen from the debris. If you have several notable scratches or holes, it’s time for a window tint replacement.

Fading & Discoloration: We like our tints to be sleek and pigmented, so when you notice signs of fading or discoloration, it’s time for a window tint replacement. Like anything, aging can affect the appearance of the tint. The fading is usually caused by weather and time, while darkening discoloration can occur from exposure to UV rays and the heat from the sun.

Air Bubbles: A telltale sign you may need a window tint replacement is when you start to see air bubbles and pockets popping up. This could indicate an error in the installation process, but there’s no need to worry. Our team of window tint technicians can refresh your ride and make it look better than ever, avoiding air bubbles in the process!

When Is The Best Time To Tint Car Windows?

‘Tis The Tinting Season

Have you ever wondered when is the best time to tint car windows? Our experts at Sound FX have all the information and answers you’re seeking! Keep reading to learn the ideal time to get a tint, and contact us for an estimate.

When To Tint: Spring & Summer

Timing is everything, and that holds true for getting your car windows tinted. Experts find the best time to tint car windows is generally between the spring and summer months. The warmer temperatures can optimize the drying process and the overall curing speed. Spring provides a happy medium, where it’s not scorching outside, but it’s also not freezing. Applying the tint during fair weather lowers the risk of the tint overheating. On the other hand, winter is not the best time to tint car windows. It can make the process more difficult, as the colder weather can lengthen the drying time.

Find The Perfect Time

The best time to tint car windows is during the spring and summer or whenever the weather is moderate to warm. Although these are the best times to tint car windows, we have experts who specialize in tint application, and they can accommodate and prepare for many different conditions. Interested in getting a window tint for your vehicle? Speak with our team, and we’ll help you select your best shade and finish!


Ready To Tint Your Ride?

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