At Sound FX Automotive, we’re excited to announce our latest addition to our lineup of premium automotive accessories: Dash Cams! Our Dash Cam upgrades are designed to provide peace of mind and added security for every journey.

Why Choose a Dash Cam from Sound FX Automotive?

Protect Yourself on the Road:

Dash Cams serve as your silent witness in case of accidents or incidents on the road. With crystal-clear footage, you’ll have undeniable evidence to support your insurance claims and legal proceedings.

Capture Memorable Moments:

From scenic drives to unexpected wildlife encounters, Dash Cams allow you to capture unforgettable moments on the road. Share your adventures with friends and family or relive them for years to come.

Prevent Fraud and Theft:

Parking mode functionality ensures that your vehicle is protected even when you’re away. Dash Cams act as a deterrent to would-be thieves and vandals, while also capturing any suspicious activity for later review.


When you’re ready to equip your vehicle with the latest in Dash Cam technology, stop by our locations in Lewes or Bridgeville, DE, to browse our selection and speak with our knowledgeable staff. With Sound FX Automotive, you can drive with confidence knowing that you have the best Dash Cam protection on the road.