High-Quality Marine Audio

Want to level up your days spent on the water? We’ve got top-tier marine audio systems to float your boat! We offer JL Audio®, also known as the best marine audio system on the market. With each product built and assembled in Miramar, Florida, JL Audio® is a widely known leader in marine audio systems and technology around the United States. Interested in learning more about the marine audio systems that we offer? Keep reading and browse the official JL Audio® catalog to find your perfect audio accessories. Contact Sound FX to get started on leveling up your marine audio system today!

Soak in the Sound

Your days spent on the boat require the perfect soundtrack. We’re proud to report that music has never sounded better than when it is pumping through our premium marine audio systems. We offer JL Audio® products to make your days on the water more enjoyable. JL Audio® offers reputable subwoofers, speakers, amplifiers, source units, and connection systems that beat out every competitor on the marine audio market. If you’re looking for the best of the best, you’re in the right place! Not only do JL Audio® products sound great, but they also look ultra-refined, so they add a touch of luxe to your boat. The M3 and the M6 are the two types of marine audio systems JL Audio® offers, and they also engineer MediaMaster® marine source units to give you full control of your playlist. Some of our marine audio packages include high-tech products such as maximum-performance enclosed speakers, reference-grade marine amplifiers with integrated DSP, maximum-performance subwoofers, and more. Select JL Audio® products even include Transflective™ LED technology to brighten up your boat!

Turn the Volume Up

Ready to experience our cutting-edge marine audio systems? If you’re looking for optimized sound engineering, beautiful speaker systems, and out-of-this-world audio quality, you’ve come to the right place. Contact Sound FX to learn more about JL Audio® and our marine audio systems!