Clear Windshield Tint

Are you looking for the benefits of a tint without a darkened shade? Our clear window tint is just the solution! The Llumar® AIR Clear Window Film is a premium auto-tint film that uses nano-ceramic construction without a dark color. Our clear window tint comes in two shades: Llumar® AIR 80 and Llumar® AIR 90. Want to learn more about our clear window tint? Keep reading along to discover the benefits of Llumar® AIR clear window film, and contact Sound FX to get started!

Crystal Clear Benefits

Having a clear window tint can give you the rewards of a regular window tint. When you opt for the Llumar® AIR clear window film, here are a few of the advantages you can expect:

  • Heat-rejecting technology
  • Protection against shattered glass injuries
  • Blocks more than 99% of damaging UV rays

Just like any other window tint, our clear window tint has plenty of benefits and can be applied to a majority of auto-glass windows and factory-installed privacy glass windows.

Get in Touch

Are you ready to access the rewards of our clear window tint? Contact Sound FX, and we’ll discuss which shade of Llumar® AIR Clear is best for you!