Air Lift Suspension Kit Installation Delaware

Adjustable Air Springs

You may be wondering, what exactly is an air spring, and what purpose does it serve? Air springs are vehicle suspension enhancements that help adjust the air pressure to accommodate the load on your vehicle. They use air to support your vehicle’s weight and make for a smoother ride. We provide two types of air suspension kit installations in Delaware: air spring installation and jounce spring installation. Interested in seeing which setup is best for your ride? Keep reading below for some key differences, and contact Sound FX to enhance your ride!

Air Lift Suspension Kit

Air Springs

If you’re looking for easily attuned air pressure, our air lift suspension kit installation in Delaware is the perfect fit for you. Air springs are just one of our kits, and they offer support for whatever your vehicle is towing. Each air spring adjusts pressure ranging anywhere from 5 psi to 100 psi. Our air lift suspension kit installation in Delaware is the most customizable setup. Compared to jounce springs, air springs have more maintenance and are a bit pricier. If your load weight changes often, these springs are ideal for you since they are easily adjustable to various conditions. The airlift suspension installation process requires custom mounting brackets tailored to your vehicle to ensure there is no drilling done to your vehicle. You can also elevate this air lift suspension kit in Delaware by opting for an onboard compressor system where you can press a button to easily monitor and control your air springs.

Jounce Springs

Another option for our air lift suspension kit installation in Delaware includes jounce springs. Unlike air springs, jounce springs are not filled with air. These types of springs are typically used when towing 3,000 lbs. or less. If you find yourself hauling or towing consistent loads across the board in the 3,000 lb. and under range, these springs are your speed because they are not as adjustable as air springs. If your load weight changes often, these might not be the right fit for you. Are you hooking up the same trailer or boat every weekend? The jounce air lift suspension kit won’t require any inflation, so you will be good to go! Since they are solid springs, they require zero maintenance after installation.

Air Lift Suspension Installation

Boosted Benefits

There are plenty of pros to opting for our air lift suspension kit installation in Delaware. The main benefit is having a much smoother ride thanks to reduced vibration, noise, and wear and tear on your vehicle’s suspension system. In addition to a smoother ride, you’ll also be able to tailor your suspension, reduce body roll when cornering, and have more consistency and control when driving. With either suspension option, you will be able to optimize your ride to the fullest extent and improve your handling.

Let Us Lift You Up

Give your vehicle the boost it needs by opting for our air lift suspension kit installation in Delaware. If you’re still unsure which type of suspension kit would suit your needs best, speak with our team of suspension experts, and we will gladly help you make an informed decision. Contact Sound FX to get started, and we will elevate and optimize your ride as promised!