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We know something that will work for you: our commercial window tinting. Your office space or building could be elevated with the help of our team of experts. Learn more about the pros of window tinting for commercial buildings, and contact Sound FX to get started today!

Office Window Tinting

Benefits of Commercial Window Tinting

Increased Privacy & Productivity: It goes without saying, but commercial window tinting offers you and other workers a boost of privacy. When you feel comfortable, you’re able to be more proficient. This boost of privacy leads to an increase in productivity, knowing that you feel safe and secure while working!

UV & Glare Protection: Having protection from UV rays is another benefit of office window tinting. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you are safe from harmful UV rays that can penetrate an average window. When working on screens all day, reducing glare is important. Our commercial window tinting can help block out up to 99% of harmful sun rays, protecting your skin, office interiors, and office equipment.

Affordable Alternative: There’s no need to spend thousands of dollars on replacing all of the windows in your office building because our commercial window tinting will have your space looking brand new. There is also a variety of tints and shades that LLumar offers, so you can select the best fit for your commercial window tinting.

Energy Efficiency: Having your office set to the perfect temperature year-round can be a tricky task. The utility bill can quickly stack up from heat loss in the winter and heat waves in the summer through glass windows. Our LLumar office window tinting can help regulate your workspace by causing an increase in energy efficiency and conservation while keeping your office at your desired temperature year-round.

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