Live View over LTE/Wi-Fi

Jump into Live View with the Drone XC over LTE* or Wi-Fi to instantly see what your vehicle sees in real-time.

*Additional streaming plan required for Live View over LTE

Control Your Car

Lock your doors. Warm up your car with remote start. All through the user-friendly DroneMobile App.

Track Your Car

Monitor your car’s location, speed, and status with DroneMobile Premium.

Check Your Car

Do everything from check your door locks to set a maintenance reminder for your car’s next service.

Secure Your Car

Anytime your alarm is triggered, you’ll receive a push notification, even if you parked across town.




Easy Access for Easy Sharing

You never know when something will happen on the road. Should anything happen, download your videos on-demand and share video footage with anyone, including your insurance company.





Rich Alerts with Video

Drone XC is the first dash cam that will start recording when your alarm is triggered. So if motion, impact, tilt, or unauthorized entry happens to your vehicle, Drone XC will start recording automatically.




Secure Backup to the Cloud

Drone XC dash cam will back up important events and recordings to the cloud* so that you can easily access your videos from anywhere.

*Additional streaming plan required for Live View over LTE